Thursday, January 10, 2013

Paul and Joe beaute 2013 Spring creation!!

Hello everyone, first of all let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR. I know I am late, it's just I've had absolutely no motivation the last couple of months. There has not been one day where I thought, "I want to blog today". My job has not gotten in the way and my love life is non existent, so I really have no excuses. The only thing would be that I am just now recovering from a Strep Throat infection I had a week ago today. Let me tell you something... that thing, does not play like the flu. That shit hurts. I would tell explain the symptoms and my experience but it would take too long.

There is still nothing in my little brain to share but I will post about some cosmetics that I just can not get over how cute they are. Paul and Joe remains my fave cosmetics. Enjoy the pics and try them out!!


  1. Very beautiful and lovely makeup!

    Good luck in the new year! Love and happiness!


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