Sunday, July 22, 2012

Practice makes perfect!

I have been obsessed with the galaxy trend. Finally, today I tried something I always wanted to do. I blogged a couple of months ago about the galaxy nail design and I couldn't find a way how or even a creative moment until today. So long story short, my nails have been plain for the past 2 weeks or so and I was really bored of it and here is what I came up with.

I know it may not look exactly like a "galaxy" but it was a very good try for my first time. Now, I didnt think to make a step by step show and tell because it was on a whim and I didn't even know how it was going to turn out but I will describe which nail polishes I used first and so forth. Here are the polishes in order from left to right.

Black painted my nails first, then I dabbed on some gold with the corner of an old sponge, I did the same with the cream color and the blue color. I finally finished them off with a clear coat. Later, I wanted some stars to shine and dotted small spots with the Orly French tip that I'm holding above. Hope you guys like it.

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