Friday, July 13, 2012

Feeling edgy!

I went to the Grapevine Mills Mall last weekend to finish paying off a watch that my dad wanted for Fathers Day and I ended up walking out with a chiffon skull blouse from A'Gaci. I've seen these before online and on other bloggers but I've avoided buying it online. I just hate the online taxes, shipping and handling deal plus if it doesn't fit or it's not what you expected you have to deal with the returns. The item always comes out more that what I want to pay for it so I just look until it gets on sale or I just evade it all together. When I first walked in everything looked gorgeous and I wanted to go on a shopping spree but I had to hold back. As I saw this ONE skull blouse way off to the side like someone put it back on the wrong spot, I immediately grabbed it and paid for it. Now all I need is to shop around for a high waisted distressed short to dip dye.

My favorite fashion and beauty blogger has matched it perfectly in an outfit. You can find the post HERE from DulceCandy.

This DIY dip dying thing is really becoming an obsession. I've found some really good ones and I've watched a couple YouTube tutorials but I've yet to find one in a store. Patience is key. Here are a few that I've been eye balling.

ETSY: FashionDK - Dip Bleached Distressed High Waisted Shorts $27

ETSY: MiniPinkDenim - High Waist Studded Shorts XL $55

ETSY: BBLeeDesign - LEVI High Waisted Distressed Ombre Shorts $40

1 comment:

  1. I always thought you could just buy those shorts designed like that, but I don't think I've really seen any in shops. DIY'ing will be a great idea and I can customize it the way I want it!



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