Monday, February 20, 2012

Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop!

NBC has a show called Non-Stop Foodies and in one episode I saw Uncle Uber's Sammiches. The name Uncle Uber is just a name. Just a fun place (no REAL uncle and uber for common "super" meaning) to have a bite in Deep Elum. I decided to try this place out for myself. I ordered a Pork Banh Mi (I've seen it spelled BunMi) and a Turkey sammich. The pork banh mi was a little odd for me. It wasn't as great as I was expecting it. The traditional Vietnamese banh mi's are better. Even still, not bad. The turkey sammich was delicious with crispy bacon strips.

On the downside, I thought $6.99 for each was a little pricey. I don't mind paying that if it's an unforgettable taste but Quoc Bao in Garland has much better banh mi for only $2.75 and it's twice as big. Non the less, I would definitely go back to try something else. A good plus is that service was friendly, helpful and quick.

Pork banh mi

Turkey sammich

"Have an uber day"

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  1. mm craving some good breadrolls :3



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