Sunday, February 12, 2012

Because I want to!

Not much going on today. I went to church earlier, now I'm at home finishing a Starbucks Earl Grey latte. Thinking of watching Jane Eyre again. Also, wondering how I'm going to pay to see Coldplay in concert this June. I am totally and utterly broke. My doctor's sister in law is trying to get me some free tickets. I am crossing my fingers. Hopefully I can say "Chris Marin, here I come". I don't think Gwen will mind right? I'm just a another crazy fan. Just Kidding!

After a little drool moment, I felt like showing two of my outfits from a long time ago that I just never bothered to load. A good friend of mine told me that I needed to take pics so that I could one day look back and see myself for what I once was. Not that one day after I have children I'm gonna let loose and look disgusting but just so that I can feel good about myself now. I need to preserve my beauty (haha) in pictures. By the way, I loath taking pics. You will hardly see me smile but here you go. Enjoy!

Second pic was a dress from Forever 21 that I tried on and did not buy. I was sure if I liked it.

Here is yesterday's outfit.

White shirt and sweater with elbow patches (not visible): Forever 21
Tan pants: H&M
Flats: Urban outfitters

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