Thursday, December 15, 2011

A glorious product!

Between Target and Walmart, Target has to be my fave store to shop at. My first stop is at the cosmetic aisles and perfume aisles. At first I noticed pink containers and I thought nothing of it. Passing by it so many times made me look and see what it was all about. At that time nobody really talked about Soap and Glory (or at least I didn't pay attention) and I disregarded that line. Now my mind is all about "Where can I get it" since almost everyone raves about it. Since Target discontinued that line, I am forced to shop at Sephora. I managed to get ONE of the last two Dr. Spot when it was on sale in Target. I like Sephora but sometimes they can over price items and I think they managed to do that with Soap and Glory. My obsession will get the best of me and I will surely cave in and buy a few products. Here are only some of the things they offer.

Dr. Spot is what I use for my acne. I don't break out as much as I used to but this product helps me maintain a somewhat clear skin. Righteous body butter seems to be the most raved about since they claim it smells like a Juicy Couture perfume. Flake away is raved to scrub all the impurities off your skin and leave a nice soft glow. Until I try them I will know for sure what they do for me since everyone is different.

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