Monday, August 15, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell or Jessica Simpson?

Ever since I started searching for fashion street trends, I kept seeing alot of retro shoes. Jeffrey Campbell has got to be my number one shoe obsession. So much so, that even though I am 5'7" 1/2 ft tall, I still bought five inch platforms from Jeffrey. Still on the lookout for more, now I come across Jessica Simpson shoes. Jeffrey Campbell's Foxywood and Jessica Simpson's Dany platforms are really similar. Jeffrey is in the lead with about $20-$40 price range above Simpson, Jeffrey has real wood and Jeffrey has thicker heels because of the real wood. I still much prefer Jeffrey.


These are the shoes that my all time dream closet carries. Of course, I will never stock up on so many Jeffrey Campbell shoes in real life (unless your Pink Kitten, love her collection) but I can dream right.
(Click on pics to enlarge. All prices are from Solestruck.)


  1. That Jessica Simpson in Tan is gorgeous!

  2. I was meant to get the suede wedge boots but they sold out :( They are so gorgeous.


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