Friday, July 15, 2011


Every once in awhile I get a sudden urge for something sweet or salty and every once in awhile I want makeup or clothes. This is a moment to indulge in both. Let me start like if I was waking up. (Big yawn and a stretch) First thing is breakfast. Very yummy and delicious!!

 Im obsessed with green tea as of late.
Matcha latte

Second, I would likely figure out what I want to wear, then what makeup I would like to use. These are my pics even though I don't own any of them. (Which I will pretty soon.)

Then lastly, since I lounge around on the weekends, I would search and search for cute items until my poor little eyes get tired or until I warm up the seat enough to cook an egg. These Doc Martens have to be the most wanted on my list of shoes.

Floral Doc Martens

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