Thursday, July 14, 2011

D.I.Y Hair Removal Wax With Honey and Sugar!

If you want to see this concoction in action, check out Secret life of a Bionerd tutorial here. For a more detailed shaving or waxing info. check out Beauty in Love blog post here.


For Eyebrows:

2 tsp Brown Sugar, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp water, strips of cloth
For Legs:
2 Cups Brown Sugar, ¼ Cup Lemon juice, ¼ cup water, strips of cloth

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl. Heat bowl in microwave for about 20 secs or until the mixture heats thoroughly. Apply a small amount on desired area in the direction of the hair growth, apply a piece of non stretch cotton cloth like an old shirt or old sheet on top and pull on the opposite direction of the hair growth ( Think of a happy place as you do this). To remove excess wax on skin, use a body oil or petroleum jelly.

This is an amazing recipe used to make a hair removal wax at home. Sugar, water, honey and lemon juice are the most common ingredients in homemade hair wax.  The substance will last a long time in the refrigerator and keeps the cost at a few cents per application.  This in conjunction with how long you wait between applications makes waxing much more cost effective than shaving. Shaving has always been my number solution for ugly hair growth where I don't want it but waxing seems to take up to 4 weeks to start growing back. Usually I have to shave the next day and quite frankly its exhausting. Did you know waxing can actually change the growth pattern of your hair? Especially when it comes to the legs. Waxing, over time can slow down hair growth and make new hairs finer and softer.

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  1. Low-cost hair removal is a perfect alternative for men who hate having a hint of stubble on their face. But will the same recipe for the legs work when doing the bikini area, or should I adjust it somehow? My girlfriend is bugging me to have hers done.

    -Justine Cricks


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