Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell baby!!

At first I never thought I would give these shoes a chance but now they are really growing on me and I would not mind owning at least one pair. The price on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes are relatively inexpensive if you compare them to other brands. They are very unique, versatile and from what I have heard comfortable. Take a look at them and admire the many colors of Jeffrey. Check out Pink Kitten blog for her massive collection of ONLY Jeffrey Campbell shoes. (I am so jealous right about now.) Or go to Jeffrey Campbell to check out the story behind the shoes and fall in love with them like I did.

My all time fave color!

Mode Junkie

Ashley from Ring my bell

Neon Suede Litas at Solestruck


  1. Okay, some of them look VERY ... STRANGE oO
    But i love the black, babyblue and beige ones *___* SWEET!

  2. They will definitely catch your attention but they are beautiful. Thank you for stopping by.



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