Monday, January 10, 2011

Harem pants!

The looser the better and the more pleats the trendier. Harem pants are the big fashion trend for this 2011 spring/summer. They were a big hit in the eighties when MC Hammer wore them and have returned to the fashion world this year in even more extreme versions.

They’re ultra-tight at the bottom and super-loose at the crotch. And since pleats are already in fashion this summer extra pleats make the harem pants look very 2011. If you wanna try this trend in a safe way, you can start of with a pair of harem pants in black or beige. Yet, if you wanna prove you’ve got style, you really should wear one of those multi-colored, printed pants.

Whatever you wear on top, you should tuck it in your pants. And if you’re wearing a high-waisted version of the harem pants, a waist-belt is a great finishing detail. Together with the jumpsuit, a pair of harem pants are true musthaves this summer. The important thing is to let them be the star of the outfit and the great thing about them: they are oh-so comfortable.

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