Sunday, December 5, 2010

Camera change! again

I ended up returning my Cyber-shot W350 because it was too light and I wasn't happy with the zoom quality and the screen size. Last night, I went back to Best Buy and I noticed the Cyber-shot W370 was the same price as the W350. The megapixels are the same, however, the zoom is higher, the screen was bigger and it feels heavier. For the same price, I ended up returning the W350 and getting the W370. You can see my last post I made here.

DSC-W370 Sony's popular line of equipment power parameters as 14.1 million pixel sensor and 7x optical zoom to include anti-vibration mechanism. Wide zoom range, but unfortunately narrow angle lens, only 34 - 238mm and not open to 28 or even 24 like many other competitors. Features Sweep Panorama. The rear of the machine is quite large LCD screen, 3 inches but only 230,400 native resolution pixels. The system consists of nine AF points, supported by face detection technology (capable of identifying eight faces) and blink recognition, a smile that can instantly capture automatically when the current detection this object.

Cyber-shot W370 is the standard three metering modes: multi-regional, and center points. Shutter speed can be adjusted from about 2 to 1/1.600 sec, ISO 80 - 3200, shooting than enough in most circumstances. Can not forget to mention the automatic mode intelligent new investment firm has included shooting modes in low light conditions such as Twilight, Twilight portrait ... Flashes of machines up to 5m if in pipe in wide angle or 3.2 m in telephoto mode.

In addition to supporting specific memory card Memory Stick Duo, Pro Duo, this version also supports additional slot for SD/SDHC as well as equipped with 19MB of integrated memory, enough rescue several photo when memory card is full. It can connect to computers via USB 2.0 or via HDMI LCD with built-in. Color quality of the W370 show only moderate with warm tones of natural gas, especially in dark skin. ISO noise well-controlled grains in the range 200 to 800 and the picture quality still be used. However for print quality, ISO range 80-100 is the most reasonable choice.

Although still not the pro class but W370 also a good version for beginners. The auto version is actually quite smart enough to handle basic situations. However image quality is still worth to discuss this version, especially when compared with just two versions predecessor of the W330 and W350.

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