Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eyeliner techniques!

Which ever type of eyeliner you want to use will make a design. I personally can work with gel, liquid, cream or even eyeshadow. All can make a good tool. Here are a few design techniques for you to experiment with.

Classic winged out eyeliner

Colored classic eyeliner

Thick classic eyeliner 

Double winged eyeliner

Color double winged eyeliner

 Tutorial by Pixiwoo here.
Cut crease with winged eyeliner tutorial from VintageorTacky

Other Technique 

 If you don't like any of the above pics or just don't like the eyeliner at all, you can tightline (aka “The Invisible Eyeliner”). Tightline is when you do the opposite. Instead of making the eyeliner on top where it clearly shows, you make it underneath the eyelid. The eyeliner would be drawn under the lashine. If you want an even more intensified look, do both eyeliner on top and tightline on bottom.

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