Saturday, October 9, 2010

!!!!Halloween Inspirations!!!! costumes

Halloween is here again and of course I am excited AGAIN. The inspirations are endless with new movies coming out every week. Horror, romantic, syfy, thriller or whatever you like, there will be a part of you that will get intrigued. Music videos are also tempting to copy. Here are a few pictures I managed to find and for halloween I will look like my fave.

No Doubt ex-girlfriend music video
I know Gwen Steffani did not do this video for the intentions of Halloween, however if you are afraid to do this on the regular basis then you can pull it off for halloween day.

To be honest, I only wore the wings last year and the accessories I just found this year. Buy costume here, wand here, and necklace/choker here.

(left) Cleopatra buy here.
 (right) Cleopatra buy here.
Tutorial for a cute lion from head to toe.

 Tutorial for Bella Cullen by Jjacks48 here.

Hello Kitty anime tutorial by Promise Phan here.

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