Friday, August 6, 2010


Bright lipstick, bright eyeshadow, big jewelry and big hair were all the rage in the mid 80's.
Short hair behind the ears with height on top (poofy) were definitely the thing. Big gaudy earrings and as many bracelets as you could fit on your wrist.

The invention of hair gel brought a shift away from the hairspray 60s hairstyles the parent's of the 80s kids wore. While in the 70s it seem the straighter and less styled look prevailed. No hairspray, no gel, and no big hair. Short hair for girls, cut above the ears and short in the back with a little poof of top, but slick on the sides was really cool in the early 80's, but as the 80's progressed hair became bigger and bigger and blonder and blonder.


Pretty in Pink Molly Ringwald

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