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The shift between the '50s and the '60s is usually explained by the fact that, during the 1960's, around 70 million young people became teenagers nearly overnight. The fashions of the 1950's decade were for grown women; 1960's fashion knocked about ten years off the average age of the consumer. Miniskirts were invented and hit it big in 1966, starting in England, and crossing the Atlantic along with short, bobbed hair and the supermodel Twiggy. The fashionable figure was thin as a rake, only with breasts. The new polyester fabrics were marvelous—drip dry, fitted without necessarily being clingy, and available in a thousand outrageous colors. Bright colors were in: orange, lime green and psychedelic patterns made their debut on the super-short skirts worn by schoolgirls and young women. Platform sandals and go-go boots made short skirts seem even shorter.

Unlike the too-natural Hippie look, the early Natural Look was anything but. Heavy foundation makeup (called "translucent"), masked the complexion, which might then be brightened by a mod pink blush. Mascara was vital to the look; preferably so thickly applied that the lashes clumped together in spikes like false eyelashes. False eyelashes were also in vogue, and many women put mascara on top of them. Eye makeup was harsh: eyeliner all the way around the eye; eye shadow up to the browbone, even in daytime. A '60s party theme is Flower Power. Vintage costumes, long boots, groovy music and strobe lights make the look.
Christian Dior

Christian Dior

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