Thursday, July 29, 2010


The year of 1950 is ell recognized all the around for the marvelous styles of make and dressing. The fashion era of the time was completely occupied by uniqueness in looks. Fashion in simple language means “to show off” and during 1950 the styles of showing off were entirely from that of today.

Dressing styles were for long skirts placed cat-look glasses over the eyes and the make up was done in accordance with this style only. The look to so in demand  as if the people themselves wanted to look like actors and actresses. Perfection in the retro look was everyone’s only desire. Even in simple occasional parties, glamour was the thumb rule. Pan Cake makeup style of Max Factor was very much in demand.

In simple terms the 1950’s makeup style emphasized over the luscious looks: Red colour was really in demand especially in lipsticks. During the eye make up, some colour tone of the cheeks was given a sort of pinkish tone.

Though people especially women were fond of glamorous looks some preference was also given to the natural appeal of the face.

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