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With the close of the 1920s came the crash of the stock market and with that came an expedited change in attitude about hair and makeup. Gone were the days of the rebellious flapper, replaced instead by a softer more feminine look. A softer, more feminine style replaced the boyish, flapper look of the 20's.
Makeup was less severe as well as hairstyles. Soft feminine curls replaced the sharp boyish flapper look. The stress of the depression was often alleviated, if not temporarily, by escape into a dark movie theatre where the glamorous Hollywood movie star worked her magic on defining fashion even further. Just look at the images of Greta Garbo, Myrna Loy, Ginger Rogers and Mae West to get an understanding of what women found fashionable during this era.

There were two looks in the '30s—elegant lady or fresh-faced girl next door. Women's makeup and hairstyles reflected both possibilities, and made both choices possible for woman who wanted to switch roles for an evening—or a new lifestyle.

1930's hair styles also softened from '20's extremes. Hair was worn longer, often pulled into a smooth chignon for evening wear. Although hair was longer, styles were still strictly fashioned with tight, glossy waves and pincurls in set patterns that took time and skill to create. One popular hairstyle was the Coronet, where the hair was pulled back tightly and the head wound with braided hair. Haircuts were no longer a statement of rebellion—just a way to keep a style under control.

Dior Fall 2008 couture collection

Face powders went for the ivory look. A curious black line traced from the tear duct to the end of the eye, including a little upturned triangle effect! Upper Eyelashes were heavy with mascara or ' Mascaro' as it used to be called then. Eyebrows were plucked into virtual non existence with a fine taper line in its place, falling at the end. Lips were fine and thin and horizontal in shape. The upper lip might be made to look a little longer in the evenings, to create the 'Rosebud look'.

Dior Fall 2008 couture collection

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