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The shift between the '50s and the '60s is usually explained by the fact that, during the 1960's, around 70 million young people became teenagers nearly overnight. The fashions of the 1950's decade were for grown women; 1960's fashion knocked about ten years off the average age of the consumer. Miniskirts were invented and hit it big in 1966, starting in England, and crossing the Atlantic along with short, bobbed hair and the supermodel Twiggy. The fashionable figure was thin as a rake, only with breasts. The new polyester fabrics were marvelous—drip dry, fitted without necessarily being clingy, and available in a thousand outrageous colors. Bright colors were in: orange, lime green and psychedelic patterns made their debut on the super-short skirts worn by schoolgirls and young women. Platform sandals and go-go boots made short skirts seem even shorter.

Unlike the too-natural Hippie look, the early Natural Look was anything but. Heavy foundation makeup (called "translucent"), masked the complexion, which might then be brightened by a mod pink blush. Mascara was vital to the look; preferably so thickly applied that the lashes clumped together in spikes like false eyelashes. False eyelashes were also in vogue, and many women put mascara on top of them. Eye makeup was harsh: eyeliner all the way around the eye; eye shadow up to the browbone, even in daytime. A '60s party theme is Flower Power. Vintage costumes, long boots, groovy music and strobe lights make the look.
Christian Dior

Christian Dior


The year of 1950 is ell recognized all the around for the marvelous styles of make and dressing. The fashion era of the time was completely occupied by uniqueness in looks. Fashion in simple language means “to show off” and during 1950 the styles of showing off were entirely from that of today.

Dressing styles were for long skirts placed cat-look glasses over the eyes and the make up was done in accordance with this style only. The look to so in demand  as if the people themselves wanted to look like actors and actresses. Perfection in the retro look was everyone’s only desire. Even in simple occasional parties, glamour was the thumb rule. Pan Cake makeup style of Max Factor was very much in demand.

In simple terms the 1950’s makeup style emphasized over the luscious looks: Red colour was really in demand especially in lipsticks. During the eye make up, some colour tone of the cheeks was given a sort of pinkish tone.

Though people especially women were fond of glamorous looks some preference was also given to the natural appeal of the face.


The dames in the 1940s were ideally "naturally beautiful," not like the tanned, athletic and fresh-scrubbed 1970s women, but in a soft, feminine and rosy way. Vivien Leigh, Jennifer Jones, Ava Gardner and Ingrid Bergman were among the most famous and beautiful faces of the decade. In the history of Old Hollywood, the makeup of this era is one of the easiest to re-create. Gone was the over-plucked look of the 1930's and it was replaced with a honed beauty. Hair styles in this decade saw tresses curled and rolled longer than shoulder-length.

The 1940's eyebrows were vastly different than the brows of the 1920's and '30's. The eyebrows of this decade were still strong and dramatic but were much more well-groomed and natural. They were kept natural in thickness but were plucked into stunning (but not extreme) arches. A dark brown pencil was used to shade in the eyebrows.

The glamorous hairstyles of Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis are the epitome of 1940s glamour. The '40s were exemplified with curls in every hairstyle. Curls were the definition of polished femininity. The 1940’s era had some stylish and attractive hairstyles that needed to be styled carefully. Mainly women used soft curls to get a female look in the 1940’s period. Commonly these hairstyles were smoother at the top so that the woman could wear a hat with simply. One of the popular 1940’s hairstyles was the Chignon.

Christian Dior modern 40's spring 2010


With the close of the 1920s came the crash of the stock market and with that came an expedited change in attitude about hair and makeup. Gone were the days of the rebellious flapper, replaced instead by a softer more feminine look. A softer, more feminine style replaced the boyish, flapper look of the 20's.
Makeup was less severe as well as hairstyles. Soft feminine curls replaced the sharp boyish flapper look. The stress of the depression was often alleviated, if not temporarily, by escape into a dark movie theatre where the glamorous Hollywood movie star worked her magic on defining fashion even further. Just look at the images of Greta Garbo, Myrna Loy, Ginger Rogers and Mae West to get an understanding of what women found fashionable during this era.

There were two looks in the '30s—elegant lady or fresh-faced girl next door. Women's makeup and hairstyles reflected both possibilities, and made both choices possible for woman who wanted to switch roles for an evening—or a new lifestyle.

1930's hair styles also softened from '20's extremes. Hair was worn longer, often pulled into a smooth chignon for evening wear. Although hair was longer, styles were still strictly fashioned with tight, glossy waves and pincurls in set patterns that took time and skill to create. One popular hairstyle was the Coronet, where the hair was pulled back tightly and the head wound with braided hair. Haircuts were no longer a statement of rebellion—just a way to keep a style under control.

Dior Fall 2008 couture collection

Face powders went for the ivory look. A curious black line traced from the tear duct to the end of the eye, including a little upturned triangle effect! Upper Eyelashes were heavy with mascara or ' Mascaro' as it used to be called then. Eyebrows were plucked into virtual non existence with a fine taper line in its place, falling at the end. Lips were fine and thin and horizontal in shape. The upper lip might be made to look a little longer in the evenings, to create the 'Rosebud look'.

Dior Fall 2008 couture collection

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Japanese accessories!

Himegyaru is dead without accessories. The clothing is the biggest part obviously but the accessories complete the look. Shoes, handbags, cell phone charms, umbrellas, hair clips, and jewelry make the outfit stand out. For nails check out this blog post so you can get some ideas. Most (if not ALL) of the himegyaru girls buy their clothing in a store called Jesus Diamante in Harajuku, Japan.

Shoe rack and umbrella holder for the home.

 Cell phone

Watch and cell phone accessories

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Hime obsession!!

I've done a few himegyaru reviews and blogs before and I like everything girly and I can say I wish I was a bit more "Pretty in pink" but all good things have to come to an end. So, I guess I can say I am a "little" obsessed with the japanese style and everything cute. I think I've finally taken my last breath in this subject. Here are the last few pictures I have.

Her hair is going to be latest obstacle to re-create since I cut my hair to get it healthy again. As soon as my hair grows back this long I'm going to copy it.

This hairstyle is so adorable but the problem is that I don't have any layers in my hair and I don't know how I would look like with a fringe.

The coat in this pic. is so cute. Her style is matched very nice.

The accessories will complete the look.
For more hime accessory pics, revert to this post.

Simple and cute nails!!

Simple can be a bit boring and dull. I say I am a simple girl but in the long run, I want a little bit of drama to keep me going.

Gel nails

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Fun nails!

For most people, nails are just nails. Some people like to wear their nails plain and simple. Natural nails with just some clear gloss or a nail polish color that resembles their skin tone. Even a little bit of glitter can look natural and fresh. For other people, nails are an expression of art and should be exibitioned as such. Fun or simply crazy, you can't deny that they look awesome.

Macintosh Apple

The Simpsons

For a closer look visit here.

Louis Vuitton

Spongebob Squarepants




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