Monday, June 21, 2010

Dry shampoo!!

 No shampoo? No water? No problem!

For the days when you don’t feel like washing, or don’t have the time, or are trying- like me- to get your hair in better condition, there are ample products on the market. Since the 1970’s, dry shampoo products have been available as powders that are sprinkled into the hair as well as spray products that are sold in aerosol cans. Dry shampoo is a substance that is used to clean the hair when it is not possible or practical to use water and traditional shampoos. The typical shampoo works by removing sebum (hair's natural oil) and all the dirt, styling products and scalp flakes that are stuck to it. Dry shampoo absorbs sebum (rather than rinsing it away) and is brushed out, leaving your hair cleaner and lighter. 5-10 minutes should be long enough for the dry shampoo to absorb the sebum in your hair. If you have particularly oily hair, it may take a little longer.

How to use dry shampoo.

Always follow the direction from your product.
Shake the can vigorously before use and in between sprays.
Lightly spray onto the roots, and evenly over the hair by holding the can 8-12 inches away from the hair.

Leave the product in for 1-2 min. to allow the product to absorb the oil and impurities from the hair and roots.
Brush with a  comb or with your fingers to blend the product in and remove excess product.
  "Invisible" Dry Shampoo by Salon Grafix (CVS)
Frederic Fekkai: Au Naturel Dry Shampoo (Sephora/Ulta)
"Rub out" Dry Cleanser by Ojon Hair (Sephora/Ulta)

 Suave dry shampoo (CVS)
TRESemme Instant Refresh dry shampoo (CVS)
Got2be Rockin' It dry shampoo (CVS)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Long hair is better!!

Long hair is much more difficult to tame and style but it sure does look much nicer. The only way to control your hair and do it right is to eat healthy and trim.

The next pictures are the kind of hair that will leave you running to the hair salon.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Which ever logo you prefer, the shoe is what counts. Check out these super nice finds.
 For fall or any season, subtle kicks like this adidas adTennis Hi should be your go-to. (Below)
Flesh Imp (a label out of Singapore) celebrated its 7th Anniversary in fashion, art, music and the urban lifestyle with a collaboration with Adidas. The collaboration has resulted in this pair of Adidas Super Stars.(Below)

These cute green adidas will look good for the summer. (Below)


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