Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shape it up!!

Be true to your shape Follow your natural eyebrow shape; you should never fight nature. If you’ve got naturally thick brows, don’t make them thin. You won’t be able to keep on top of the maintenance.
Invest in a good pair of tweezers. If you have very dark, coarse hairs use pointed tweezers.
Take your time and don’t do one eyebrow and then try to copy it on the other side. Two brows are sisters not twins. Hold a hand mirror and sit in front of a large mirror. That way you can do close-up work and also get an overview. Pluck a couple of hairs on one eyebrow, a couple of hairs on the other and continue in the same way. Hold your eyebrow taut, plucking with, not against, the hair growth. If you over-pluck, don’t try to correct it; let the mistake grow out.

Cut above if you have unruly or very wiry hairs, don’t pluck them; get a pair of scissors and trim them. Trimming will make them look much more manicured and you’ll never have gaps. Using an eyebrow brush, lift the hairs up past the top of the brow line, trimming any ends that stick up above.

Create an illusion. Your age determines where the arch of your eyebrow should be, so if you’re looking for that 'lifting’ effect, you should make the arch slightly higher, and make the brow slightly shorter. The same goes for people with heavy eyelids. Using a highlighter underneath the arch can also make it appear higher.

Fill in the gaps. First fill out the thinnest part of your brow with small strokes of an eyebrow pencil. By straightening out the whole brow you get evenness, making your eye appear larger and creating a younger look.
The hottest eyebrow shape right now is very full and arched – like Brooke Shields used to have in the 1980s but more manicured. That’s what clients are asking for at the moment.
Daily upkeep. If you can’t afford to have your brows done professionally, just go once. Get a professional to shape them, then you can maintain them yourself – on a daily basis.

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