Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Classic with a twist!!

During the 1920's society began to rebel against the repression of the previous decades with the energetic dancing, partying and fashions such as flap skirts that showed more leg than ever before. However it was the 1940's and World War II that really saw pinup art explode into the phenomenon we know today. During the late 1950's and early 1960's pinup began to surface in the form of photography as well as the now traditional art. Magazines such as the famous Playboy were published blending pinup style photography with well written lifestyle articles. Unfortunately by the 1970's photography had just about taken over from art and most of the original pinup artists had retired from the genre they had so lovingly created. Pin up style can be seen all over the internet and in movies. Now, I can't say I’ve always liked classic pin up makeup or hair for that matter, however there are some exceptions. These pictures are truly inspiring.

Megan Fox

Gwen Steffani

Megan Fox

Katy Perry

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