Friday, December 31, 2010

Elegant ponytail!

A simple ponytail can seem to be the most versatile and simplest thing anybody can do. Grab a piece of the ponytail and warp it around the base of the tail. If you feel like more of a party look, curl the ends to make it more interesting.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do I smell a fishtail?

 Braids will ultimately be my favorite hairstyle. My mom used to do it for me quite often when I was younger. I guess old habits die old, plus they are very easy and versatile.

This is a free people fishtail braid that can easily be done by watching this tutorial.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

VOV cosmetics!

I see plenty of stuff online that stand out to me but most if not ALL are expensive and the things I really want are from a different country which means searching on Ebay, and shipping and handling. I'd rather it be in a store somewhere but I have to settle with the above regulations. With that said and done, I want to introduce VOV cosmetics. Here are a few pics to show you just how exquisite they are. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Majolica Majorca Spring 2011 collection!

Majolica Majorca will release their spring makeup collection on 21 January in Japan.
The dessert-inspired Majolica Majorca collection includes:

1. Puff de Cheek: PK301 Peach Macaron, OR302 Apricot Macaron, PK303 Strawberry Macaron and #82 Vanilla Macaron.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The dress crisis continues!

Today I went to the mall to see if they had any specials. Of course, there were a ton of deals. I went to my fave stores of all time (Anthropologie, Free People, F21, Urban Outfitters) and still couldn't find anything that caught my attention. I did however try on a dress at F21 that I wanted to try on for a while. I've seen it on Diya from InHerStilettos and when I tried it on, I found it pretty descent on me however, I wish it was a bit more cinched at the waist. A simple belt can help but I feel like I would ruin it.

Here is Diyas first.

Paul and Joe beaute Spring 2011 collection!

Spring 2011 Maquia Issue!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

How to make a 3d paper snowflake!

First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I can't believe it's a year later since the last time I put up my tree. Seems like it was less then 3 months ago. Anyways, I wanted to show the Christmas spirit with some 3d snowflakes. Follow along and you will have family and guests wanting to know how u did it.

  1. Start with a square piece of paper. Fold your paper from corner to opposite corner, forming a triangle.
    Then fold your paper in half again. You will now have a triangle.
  2. Starting from the folded side of the paper, cut 4 slits parallel to the angled side of the paper. Do this for both sides of the paper. Don't let the cuts meet in the center. You want uncut paper so yoursnowflake is held together.

3. Unfold and flatten your paper.

4. Start rolling your paper. Roll the two inside papers in a tube and fasten with tape or glue.

  1. Flip the paper over and roll the next two paper lines.
  2. Continue with the flipping and rolling until all the paper lines have been rolled into tubes.
  1. Repeat with the remaining 5 pieces of paper (to have a six-point star).
  1. Take three of the rolled papers, pinch together at the tip, and staple together. Repeat with the remaining three snowflake "tips".
  2. Pinch the two halves together by matching the centers. Staple the pieces together in the middle. (Below)

  1. You can either staple, tape, or glue some of the other connecting spots of the snowflake points so that you have one continuous snowflake and not just six points stapled together.
    Original pics and instructions here.

    Friday, December 10, 2010

    Holiday looks!

    First we have Kristen Stewart displaying an almost natural look. For the holidays there is nothing worse than looking like you either rolled out of bed or you just didn't care. Almost opt for a natural organized mess.

    COme on down, Miley Cyrus. She is wearing a very light lilac eyeshadow that is always in style. A hint of color that can pass on any day.

    Rhianna will show you how to wear a nice winter wonder land eye look. White never looked so good.

    Of course, if you are the type that just can't stand not being the center of attention, you can always try the above eye. It's perfect holiday colors that will leave everyone starring.

    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    Camera change! again

    I ended up returning my Cyber-shot W350 because it was too light and I wasn't happy with the zoom quality and the screen size. Last night, I went back to Best Buy and I noticed the Cyber-shot W370 was the same price as the W350. The megapixels are the same, however, the zoom is higher, the screen was bigger and it feels heavier. For the same price, I ended up returning the W350 and getting the W370. You can see my last post I made here.

    DSC-W370 Sony's popular line of equipment power parameters as 14.1 million pixel sensor and 7x optical zoom to include anti-vibration mechanism. Wide zoom range, but unfortunately narrow angle lens, only 34 - 238mm and not open to 28 or even 24 like many other competitors. Features Sweep Panorama. The rear of the machine is quite large LCD screen, 3 inches but only 230,400 native resolution pixels. The system consists of nine AF points, supported by face detection technology (capable of identifying eight faces) and blink recognition, a smile that can instantly capture automatically when the current detection this object.

    Cyber-shot W370 is the standard three metering modes: multi-regional, and center points. Shutter speed can be adjusted from about 2 to 1/1.600 sec, ISO 80 - 3200, shooting than enough in most circumstances. Can not forget to mention the automatic mode intelligent new investment firm has included shooting modes in low light conditions such as Twilight, Twilight portrait ... Flashes of machines up to 5m if in pipe in wide angle or 3.2 m in telephoto mode.

    In addition to supporting specific memory card Memory Stick Duo, Pro Duo, this version also supports additional slot for SD/SDHC as well as equipped with 19MB of integrated memory, enough rescue several photo when memory card is full. It can connect to computers via USB 2.0 or via HDMI LCD with built-in. Color quality of the W370 show only moderate with warm tones of natural gas, especially in dark skin. ISO noise well-controlled grains in the range 200 to 800 and the picture quality still be used. However for print quality, ISO range 80-100 is the most reasonable choice.

    Although still not the pro class but W370 also a good version for beginners. The auto version is actually quite smart enough to handle basic situations. However image quality is still worth to discuss this version, especially when compared with just two versions predecessor of the W330 and W350.

    Monday, November 29, 2010

    Camera change!

    Today I went to Best Buy to exchange my Panasonic Lumix FH22 that I got on Black Friday. I could'nt figure it out and I changed my mind about the touch screen so I ended up exchanging it for my Sony Cyber-shot W350.


    Sunday, November 28, 2010


     After Best Buy I went to The Northpark Center to exchange a skirt I bought at UO. Santa Clauses' house was so nice that I had to take a pic.

    Here are the pics for the OOTD.
    Sweater: Abercrombie and Fitch
    Pants: Dollhouse
    Shoes: Steve Madden gladiator sandals
    Necklace: Betsey Johnson

     This is an odd sweater I tried on at TJ Maxx. Couldn't decide whether I liked it or not so I took a pic.

    How the Grinch Stole Dallas!

    This coming Christmas The Grinch came early. I woke up early for Black Friday and went to Best Buy, I then went to The Northpark Center for some shopping. To my surprise The Grinch was there. At the time I didn't know who he was until I looked him up. I found out it was Stefan Karl from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" The Musical.

    Above is the original Grinch and here are the pics I took of the other Grinch. Though now that I see him more, he kinda looks like bigfoot.

    Until next time,

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    Thick eyebrows!

    Natural is always better when it comes to eyebrows. However, it may come across as too thick. This is where you have to do a little spring cleaning. I personally prefer thick bold eyebrows. Every once in a while I trim them a little and sometimes I pluck them thin but I always come back to thick. In some cases where eyebrows can look like bushes and if that's the case, refer to my Shape it up post.


    The bottom brows may be colored in and plucked to groom but still look good as a natural brow.


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