Saturday, September 26, 2009

!!!! Halloween Inspirations !!!!

Here are some Halloween inspirations for the most fun and interesting holiday of the year. One of the most entizing faces of all time is Barbie. Whether you owned one or wanted one or even if they dont appeal to you, you cannot deny not thinkin about what you could look like with a plastic face.
Jessica Rabbit is one sexy cartoon character. The appeal alone is enough to suck you into Halloween seduction.

Another somewhat familiar face is Edward Scissorhands. His eyes are very innocent for the Halloween look but you could make them as fierce as you like. Also, anything Tim Burton made is hard to pass up.

Tim Burton did it again with this wonderful movie called Corpse Bride. Either Victor Van Dort or the Corpse Bride herself are very good characters to imitate.

Another not so Tim Burton is Bella Swan from Twilight. Though her fair skin and brown hair is not so hard to replicate, she still makes for a good choice. You might have to put a Bella Swan button on your shirt for reasurance but I am sure you can copy her look.

Alice Cullen, also from Twilight, on the other hand may be a little easier with the hair and necklace.

Tim Burton has done it again. Johnny Depp makes a good Mad Hater in Alice in Wonderland. This character is sure to turn some heads.

The Red Queen for Alice in Wonderland is perhaps the most interesting one of all.

Those red lips go wonderful with the White Queen, also from Alice in Wonderland.


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