Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer/Fall Nail Trend 2009

For nails this Fall, the theme is “go matte or go home” with nail polishes that have no glossy finish. The result is a chic, semi-matte nail look that doesn’t at all appear dull or lackluster despite the lack of shine. How can one attain this look without specifically hunting for matte nail lacquers? Essie has made it easy with their upcoming “Matte About You” matte finisher top coat which is designed to give any nail polish a chic matte finish despite its natural finish.

Bold tones will rule for Spring 2009, as nail polish manufacturers release their latest collections. We saw brighter colors on the Spring 2009 Fashion Week runways, so it's no surprise that nail polish manufacturers have followed suite. While you should still expect to see some traditional pastels, look for lots of depth and colors with some punch that move away from the deeper, darker colors of winter. My favorite trends for the upcoming season are bright corals, purples, and raspberries.

Chanel Jade Green Nail Polish (above)
Replica: MAC in Peppermint Patti!

MAC Cosmetics by Jin Soon

Cool Reserve (dirty grey lavender)
For Fun (rich clean purple)
Dance All Night (brick red)
Dry Martini (khaki olive green)
Rich, Dark, Delicious (rich blackened brown)
Beyond Jealous (blackened blue green)

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