Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer/Fall 2009 Fashion!!

In Spring/ Summer fashion tends to get a little more revealing; we blame it on the heat, and one's desire to show off. So in 2009 turn to the sheer/see-through trend to keep you cool, yet sexy. 2009's sheer pieces are a mixture of the soft and feminine, to the opposite extremes of the hardcore sex-kitten.

Sheer fabric is back as one of the hottest 2008 and 2009 fashion trends, and plenty of celebrities are wearing it. But don’t worry, its not all about tight, see-through top, and dresses that scream ‘look at me’ as we saw in the 1990’s. Run your eyes over the Spring/Summer 2009 runway collections and you’ll find sheer fabrics used in multitude of ways: tight sheer pieces, layers, and the much sought after delicate, feminine draping.

Legs and breasts are often a girl's best fashion accessory, but if neither are your strongest features, or you're after something a little less cliche but equally sensual, look to your shoulders and indulge in both the backless fashion trend and the one-shoulder / single-shoulder trend. Both are key components of women's Spring/Summer 2009 fashion trends.


Get out your credit cards and book gym membership ladies because, as if muffin top wasn't a scary enough prospect, here comes the Spring/Summer 2009 exposed midriff fashion trend.


Be careful when and if you decide to wear this kind of trend out in public. You do not want your belly shaking and moving without your intention. This type of style is best worn on skinny or sporty girls but even then when your 6 pack is too defined, it may not be as attractive as you'd think it would be.  

Layered Necklaces

Neon Colors

Flower Prints


Bohemian Style


Jump Suits

Acid and Ripped Jeans

Shiny Fabrics

Ruffle Dress

Tapered narrow pants first edged their way into fashion with leggings and skinny jeans. Last Autumn/ Winter 2008/2009 saw the rising popularity of coloured and textured tights. Hosiery looks became more popular than since the 1980’s and the fashion history progression is proving to be very similar.

If you have loved wearing dark coloured tights for winter consider pastel hosiery options for spring. White tights were a big look in the 1960’s and their time may well have come again as a transitional fad for cool spring days.

For summer, ankle length narrow pants or jeans rolled up for an edgier look are beating a path to a retailer near you. Worn with a full skirted dress or top, cropped leggings or calf length trousers and jeans are still one of summer's fun ways of wearing the pants.

Narrow pants can be made extra snug fitting at the ankle with zip or button trims. Multiple haberdasheries on clothing are big news this summer. Many of these styles also have peg-top waist styling and button closures without zip. 

Harem Pants

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