Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paul and Joe Cosmetics 2009 Spring collection!!


Paul & Joe is named after the brand creator Sophie Albou's two sons. Launched in 1995 after many years in the fashion industry, Sophie created a brand that reflected her active, bubbly personality, cosmetics that convey perfectly the Parisian philosophy of enjoying life.

These items are just a few of fabulous items that Paul and Joe carry in their line of cosmetics. Her line is very elegant and very wearable. Do not be fooled by the color of some of the lipsticks you may see online, they are very sheer. I really recommend any products from Paul and Joe Beaute.

"It's about having fun.
I don't ask for advice, I just have things that I love."
-Sophie Albou

#001 Ingenue

#002 Starlet

Nail Enamel: in 5 new shades

Lipstick N: in 6 new shades

Lipstick C: in 2 colors

Eye Color: in 6 new shades

Sunday, August 23, 2009


The Flapper era began with the look called "comme le garcon" (or, "like the boy"), straightening and shortening skirts and dresses, slimming figures and—most shocking of all—cutting the hair of the nation's fashionable young women. Short hair was a big deal: nice girls kept their hair long, as a metaphor for maidenhood. For a woman to chop her hair short was to practically admit she was no longer a virgin. But women went more than a step further than a boyish haircut and tendency to party; they began smoking in public—something no "lady" did. They outfit themselves with silk robes embroidered with vintage inspired floral motifs. They discarded the restrictive girdles and corsets and bound their breasts flat to achieve an even more "masculine" appearance in their costumes. And they wore lots and lots of makeup.

Before the '20's, women wore cosmetics, but nice women hid their rouge pots and powder puffs away from fathers and husbands, who heartily disapproved. Discretion was imperative. But when the '20's hit, young women went for makeup in a big way: stars like Theda Bara and Clara Bow made paper-white skin, blood red lips and insanely made-up eyes into must-haves for every fashionable woman who ever rolled a stocking below the knee.

Makeup was in its rawest form, because the market was just beginning to grow. Early mascara was a cake of wax that was melted and applied in a gluey mass to the lashes with an orange stick. The trend in lipstick was the reddest red—no other color options were available—and smudge proof lipstick was mandatory for would-be vamps who wanted to neck without leaving a trail.

Eyebrows were painfully thin; in a fad, women plucked out the entire eyebrow and penciled it back on higher than it had been in the first place. Eye makeup consisted of kohl, which might be made of ingredients as strange as soot, lead and goose grease. Kohl went all the way around the eyes, turning the whole orbital area into a deep-stained smudge reminiscent of vampires. For a dramatic touch, some 'vamps' drew a line of kohl from the corner of the eye outward, simulating a slightly Asiatic look that was deemed sexy and bad. (Even today, imported kohl may contain lead: substitute black eyeliner instead). Powder (usually rice powder) was vital to the Flapper look: skin looked white to the point of near-death; one author called it, "the pallor usually associated with innate vice". Themes in makeup as in dresses were based on the Orient.

Along with other 'unfeminine' behaviors, Flappers didn't hide their makeup any more than they did their legs; lipstick was applied at the dinner table and powder compacts made public appearances at parties and speakeasies. Portable makeup containers—compacts and lipstick tubes made of precious metals and encrusted with jewels—became ideal accessories when cosmetics left the boudoir for the banquette.

The bobbed haircut made the nineteen twenties Flapper movement what it was, and sent many young women to their rooms in disgrace "until it grows back!". The Bob hairstyle was a blunt cut worn halfway between cheekbone and chin. Bangs could be worn cut straight across or swept to one side. Like the made up face, hair didn't look "natural"; it was slicked down, glistening with brilliantine. The Shingle, which followed the Bob, cut the hair at the nape in a V-shape, exposing the neck. Shingles were accompanied by marcelled finger waves or spit curls at the temples. The most drastic version of the Flapper hairdo was the Eton crop, cut very short and close to the head, with a curl plastered tightly above either ear.

Christian Dior

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer/Fall Nail Trend 2009

For nails this Fall, the theme is “go matte or go home” with nail polishes that have no glossy finish. The result is a chic, semi-matte nail look that doesn’t at all appear dull or lackluster despite the lack of shine. How can one attain this look without specifically hunting for matte nail lacquers? Essie has made it easy with their upcoming “Matte About You” matte finisher top coat which is designed to give any nail polish a chic matte finish despite its natural finish.

Bold tones will rule for Spring 2009, as nail polish manufacturers release their latest collections. We saw brighter colors on the Spring 2009 Fashion Week runways, so it's no surprise that nail polish manufacturers have followed suite. While you should still expect to see some traditional pastels, look for lots of depth and colors with some punch that move away from the deeper, darker colors of winter. My favorite trends for the upcoming season are bright corals, purples, and raspberries.

Chanel Jade Green Nail Polish (above)
Replica: MAC in Peppermint Patti!

MAC Cosmetics by Jin Soon

Cool Reserve (dirty grey lavender)
For Fun (rich clean purple)
Dance All Night (brick red)
Dry Martini (khaki olive green)
Rich, Dark, Delicious (rich blackened brown)
Beyond Jealous (blackened blue green)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer/Fall 2009 Fashion!!

In Spring/ Summer fashion tends to get a little more revealing; we blame it on the heat, and one's desire to show off. So in 2009 turn to the sheer/see-through trend to keep you cool, yet sexy. 2009's sheer pieces are a mixture of the soft and feminine, to the opposite extremes of the hardcore sex-kitten.

Sheer fabric is back as one of the hottest 2008 and 2009 fashion trends, and plenty of celebrities are wearing it. But don’t worry, its not all about tight, see-through top, and dresses that scream ‘look at me’ as we saw in the 1990’s. Run your eyes over the Spring/Summer 2009 runway collections and you’ll find sheer fabrics used in multitude of ways: tight sheer pieces, layers, and the much sought after delicate, feminine draping.

Legs and breasts are often a girl's best fashion accessory, but if neither are your strongest features, or you're after something a little less cliche but equally sensual, look to your shoulders and indulge in both the backless fashion trend and the one-shoulder / single-shoulder trend. Both are key components of women's Spring/Summer 2009 fashion trends.


Get out your credit cards and book gym membership ladies because, as if muffin top wasn't a scary enough prospect, here comes the Spring/Summer 2009 exposed midriff fashion trend.


Be careful when and if you decide to wear this kind of trend out in public. You do not want your belly shaking and moving without your intention. This type of style is best worn on skinny or sporty girls but even then when your 6 pack is too defined, it may not be as attractive as you'd think it would be.  

Layered Necklaces

Neon Colors

Flower Prints


Bohemian Style


Jump Suits

Acid and Ripped Jeans

Shiny Fabrics

Ruffle Dress

Tapered narrow pants first edged their way into fashion with leggings and skinny jeans. Last Autumn/ Winter 2008/2009 saw the rising popularity of coloured and textured tights. Hosiery looks became more popular than since the 1980’s and the fashion history progression is proving to be very similar.

If you have loved wearing dark coloured tights for winter consider pastel hosiery options for spring. White tights were a big look in the 1960’s and their time may well have come again as a transitional fad for cool spring days.

For summer, ankle length narrow pants or jeans rolled up for an edgier look are beating a path to a retailer near you. Worn with a full skirted dress or top, cropped leggings or calf length trousers and jeans are still one of summer's fun ways of wearing the pants.

Narrow pants can be made extra snug fitting at the ankle with zip or button trims. Multiple haberdasheries on clothing are big news this summer. Many of these styles also have peg-top waist styling and button closures without zip. 

Harem Pants


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